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El Diviso

El Diviso
08.07.2022 Elina Viiala

El Diviso

Finca El Diviso is ran by the Lasso family in Quindio Colombia. The sons of Jose Lasso, Nestor and Adrian have helped their father to break the barriers of conventional coffee production and they’re eager to try new varieties and processing methods. In several of their coffee farms, they grow exotic varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Geisha – and Sidra.

Sidra is a hybrid between Red Bourbon and Typica and it was originally seen almost exclusively in Ecuador. During the last few years, we’ve run into many exciting Sidras specifically from Colombia which is a great example of innovations in coffee traveling across country borders. Sidra is known to be a very sweet variety with potential to be full bodied cup with a pleasant acidity.

Another innovation we see in this coffee is the Anaerobic Honey processing which Nestor chose specifically for their Sidra. The cherries are roughly repulped and fermented in tanks for 60 hours before drying in the sun. This enhances the sweetness of the cup but also adds a spicy character of candied ginger.

Expect notes of apricot, nougat and candied ginger

Recommended Recipe
Method: Pourover

Brew Ratio: 1:15 – 16

Temperature: 94 – 96°C

Grind: Medium – Coarse

Brew Time: 2:45 – 3:30

Brewer’s Note: A longer contact time will increase the body and sweetness, bringing out more of the interesting flavour characteristics.

Farm: El Diviso
Farmer: Nestor Lasso
Location: Quindio, Colombia
Altitude: 1750masl
Varietal: Sidra
Process: Anaerobic Honey



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