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Christmas 2019

Slurp’s Christmas — The Best Christmas Gifts for Everyone

No matter who you are getting gifts for, our Christmas gift tips will help you surprise your parents, siblings or friends!

The SLURP coffee experience is a gift that keeps on giving

The coffee experience is the perfect present for someone who “has everything”. This gift keeps giving long after Christmas! You can surprise the recipient with a prepaid coffee subscription or give a gift card and let them make their own selections. You decide, we deliver.

Santa delivers once a year, Slurp does it all year long!

The Slurp Christmas Coffees Bring the Christmas Spirit into your Cup!

Our Christmas coffees delight both during Christmas moments and the cold winter mornings. The coffees are delivered directly to your mailbox from the roastery.

If our Christmas coffees don’t feel like the perfect fit, check out our coffee selection where you will surely find a good fit for any coffee lover.

Silent Christmas Nights with Delicious Tea

Slurp teas represent the highest quality. We offer everything from black tea to green tea and herbal teas. Our special gift tip is the Slurp tea bundle with three delicious surprise teas!

Check out Slurp’s delicious tea selection.

Best gifts for both current and future home baristas!

Slurp gift ideas for home baristas

Coffee is delicious, but how to brew delicious coffee at home? You get the most out of high-quality coffee with good gear. Give your favourite home barista (or yourself 😘) the best brewing products of the year for Christmas.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a 20 euro gift or planning to renew your brewing equipment, we have the right gifts for each wallet size.

Get the Most Delicious Calendar of this Christmas

The SLURP Christmas calendar will transform every day in December into an experience. Try a new and delicious coffee every day and choose your favorites!

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