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Christmas 2019

Gift an experience

Delicious artisan coffees sent freshly roasted to the recipient’s home for the period of your choosing. What could be better?

The SLURP coffee experience is a gift that keeps on giving

The coffee experience is the perfect present for someone who “has everything”. This gift keeps giving long after Christmas! You can surprise the recipient with a prepaid coffee subscription or give a gift card and let them make their own selections. You decide, we deliver.

Santa delivers once a year, Slurp does it all year long!

This is how the coffee experience works as a gift

The recipient gets coffees that come freshly roasted always from a different artisan roaster. The coffees are delivered straight into the recipients mailbox every 2 weeks worldwide for the period of your choosing. Flavours according to the recipients preferences, ground or as whole beans.


Choose a gift card or customise a term subscription

With the gift card the recipient can customise the subscription for themselves. If you choose the fixed term subscription, you can customise the preferences on behalf of the recipient and surprise the recipient with coffees that start arriving freshly roasted to their home.


Choose the duration

The duration of the subscription means how many coffees the recipient will receive. The coffees arrive one by one straight from the roaster every other week.


The experience can start!

The coffees arrive to the recipient as fresh as possible and always from a different roaster, but according to the preferences for example as deliciously dark and ground perfectly for a moka pot.