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Light Roast

Light Roast

Welcome to a taste journey into the world of light roast coffees!

Light roasted coffees are extremely multi-dimensional and the highlighted flavours are often fruity, juice-like and complex. Light roasted coffee has higher acidity than dark roast and the natural acidity is part of the charm of light roast.

Light roast coffee is the perfect choice to lead you into the aromatic and multifaceted world of coffee. You can taste all the flavours and aromas of the bean, infused from the soil, coffee plant and berry in the origin country. Of all roast levels, light roast is the most tea-like.

The roast process for light roast usually lasts until the first crack. This is when the flavour evolution of the bean is at its highest. During the crack, coffee releases sugar, creating a pleasant flavour. To ensure optimal sugar content, the coffee is developed a bit after the crack and then released to the cooling bed.

Coffees from different regions and different countries all have their own unique flavour profile. Light roasts give you the best chance to travel this world of flavour!

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