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DeKaffa 6 x 250g
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DeKaffa 6 x 250g

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DeKaffa is a decaffeinated coffee for those who love coffee so much they have to have it in the evenings too.

Order size: 6 x 250g

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DeKaffa 6 x 250g

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This decaffeinated coffee is produced organically in Colombia, using spring water and ethyl acetate from sugar cane. The raw beans are steamed and moistened with water, then rinsed several times with ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine. Finally, the beans are dried and polished before transport. The process is gentle, preserving the delicious and unique flavours of the coffee. DeKaffa is for those who love coffee so much they have to have it in the evenings.

Country: Colombia
Varieties: Caturra, Castillo
Flavour: Roasty, sugar cane, spicy
Altitude: 1700-1900m
Processing: Washed

Additional Information

Weight 1600 g
Order size



Beans, Filter Coffee

Roast Level

Medium Roast

Flavour Profile

Spicy and Earthy


Kaffa Roastery



Coffee Type

Caffeine Free


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