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SLURP rare

Experience the most exclusive, hard-to-get coffees!

Said about SLURP rare

What is SLURP rare?

Rare varieties. Experimental processing methods. Exceptionally tasty flavour profiles.

We’re talking about the top tier lots that get the highest scores on seasonal cuppings. Lots that are sold with the highest prices in auctions. The base of their success lies in complexity and quality of flavours. The focus will be strongly on the newest inventions happening in specialty coffee, not forgetting the old school goldies. You can get 100g of SLURP rare delivered to your mailbox once a month with an email containing information on how we decided the coffee, greetings from the roaster and our recipe for each coffee.

Who is behind SLURP rare?



We are a Finnish company of young, passionate people on the path to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable coffee. We aim to connect the world of coffee in unforeseen ways by removing traditional barriers between producers, roasters and consumers all around the world. With SLURP rare, we are about to embark on the journey of our lifetimes.


Jarno Peräkylä

SLURP rare was originally established in collaboration with two-time Finnish Barista Champion and specialty coffee consultant Jarno Peräkylä. He has curated the collaborating roasters for SLURP rare and made sure the standards are top tier.

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