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What is SLURP coffee experience?

How the coffee experience works


Tell us what you like

All coffees are chosen based on your preferences. All you need to do is choose how much and how often, we’ll take care of the rest!


Home delivery

After roasting, coffees are shipped directly to you. Our packaging is designed to fit through your post box: maximum delight with minimum effort!


Coffees are roasted for you

We work together with amazing artisan roasters to bring you new, delicious and sustainable experiences. All coffees are roasted to order to ensure the best flavour.

How to tailor your own coffee experience

Choose your subscription

What kinds of coffee experiences are you looking for?

SLURP original

The flavour profile options are SLURP light, SLURP medium, SLURP dark and SLURP midnight. They refer to the roasting levels, but differ from each other mainly in terms of flavour.

SLURP rare

With SLURP rare, you can enjoy competition-level coffees and award-winning small batches that few people get the chance to taste.

SLURP organic

Enjoy only the highest quality organic certified coffees with pure flavours. All from the best certified organic roasters in Finland.

SLURP decaf

Looking for great coffee, but decaffeinated? You can enjoy the deliciousness of coffee at any time without worrying about the effects of caffeine.

SLURP premium

With SLURP premium, you can extend your coffee enthusiasm to delicious speciality coffees from Germany or Japan! Get a new, interesting and tasty coffee in each delivery.

Choose your brewing method

How do you usually brew your coffee?

With this question, we can match you with the roast that suits your brewing method. In addition, if you don’t want to receive your coffee as beans, it will be ground to suit your chosen brewing method.

The most common brewing methods include filter coffee makers, french press, moka pots, espresso and coffee machines, as well as various pour over methods and aeropress.

If you brew coffee using more than one method, choose the one that is most common for you. We will select coffees for your order that are optimal for the brewing method you have chosen.

If you have your own grinder at home, you can choose to receive your coffee order in beans, so you can enjoy your coffee freshly ground and get the most out of the experience!

Choose the amount of coffee

How much coffee do you drink?

You can choose how much coffee you want to receive and whether you want to receive coffee every two or four weeks.

You can choose to receive 200, 400, 600, 800 or 1000 grams of coffee at a time! 200 grams of coffee is enough for about 2 cups a day for 14 days.

All coffees are delivered in bags of 200g or 400g. If you purchase a bigger amount than 400g, coffee arrives in several separate bags so they will fit to your mailbox.

The delivery for most order types is every two weeks by default. If you mainly drink less than two cups per day, you can also order with a four-week delivery interval.

SLURP premium Japan and SLURP rare orders are delivered once a month.

Manage your subscription

Want to modify your subscription or need to update your address?

You can easily manage your subscription through your own SLURP account. Making changes to your subscription is free, unless you change the coffee bag size to a bigger one.

If you have too much coffee or are going to a longer holiday, you can put your subscription on hold anytime in your own account. After pausing your subscription you won’t be charged and no coffee will be sent to roasting until you activate your subscription again.

Any changes you want to make to your subscriptions, delivery addresses or payment methods can be easily made anytime!

Order a sample box!

An easy way for you to find your favourite roast level. The coffees are delivered to your mailbox fresh, straight from the roaster and including four different flavour profiles: light, medium, dark and midnight.

Satisfaction guarantee

You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time.
What’s more, if you’re not happy with the coffee, the next one is on us.

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We work with over 40 roasters in total and are constantly looking to grow our roaster community!

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