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Jura 2-phase cleaning tablets 25pcs
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Jura 2-phase cleaning tablets 25pcs

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Jura’s 2-phase cleaning tablets for effective cleaning and long-lasting protection.

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Jura 2-phase cleaning tablets 25 pcs. Effective cleaning, long-lasting protection.

Maintenance of the automatic coffee machines and hygiene when working with milk, coffee and water are key to maintaining a very high level of coffee quality.

Every automatic machine from Jura has a zero-maintenance brewing unit with self-cleaning at the touch of a button. Use these 2-phase cleaning tablets when performing the cleaning programme of your Jura automatic coffee machine.

Phase I, cleaning:
The special formula effectively loosens the coffee fat and particles in the brewing unit and sieve. Water heated to 80 °C thoroughly rinses these components on the inside and outside.

Phase II, protection:
Special active ingredients seal the surfaces of the corresponding components and protect them from coffee residue and fat in the long term.

The result:
A hygienically clean automatic coffee machine fully ready for perfect coffee quality and the ultimate enjoyment at the touch of a button.

Only use original Jura cleaning tablets to clean and protect your Jura automatic coffee machine. Only these tablets are perfectly matched to the automatic cleaning cycle.

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