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Hario Coffee Cold Brew Bottle 65cl Brown
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Hario Coffee Cold Brew Bottle 65cl Brown

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Hario Coffee Cold Brew Bottle 65cl is a wine bottle shaped carafe which you can use for brewing cold brew coffee containing less tannin and caffeine.

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This Hario Coffee Cold Brew Bottle 65cl, a wine bottle-shaped carafe is an amazing tool for preparing cold brew coffee.
When coffee is brewed with cold water, tannin and caffeine, the components that produce the bitterness in coffee, do not come out as much, resulting in a mild taste.
The easy use is one reason to have this bottle – all you need is ground coffee and cold water. A fine mesh filter is used exclusively for ground coffee, which helps with brewing.
– Size: W87×D84×H300 φ71mm
– Colour: Brown (lid)
– Practical capacity: 750ml
– Material: Removable bottle spout and stopper/ Silicone rubber
                    Strainer/ Polypropylene
                    Filter mesh/ Polyester
– Made in Japan


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