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Pedro Veloso

Pedro Veloso
11.07.2024 tildamaria.turunen

Fazenda Santa Cecilia is a coffee farm located in Brazil, known for producing high-quality coffee. Fazenda Santa Cecilia is a family business. The Veloso family has been involved in coffee farming for several generations. The family’s deep-rooted knowledge and experience in coffee cultivation have been passed down through the generations, contributing to the farm’s success and reputation.

Pedro Veloso, the owner of Fazenda Santa Cecilia, is a prominent figure in the Brazilian coffee industry. He is recognised for his dedication to quality and innovation in coffee production. Pedro Veloso’s approach to coffee farming includes a focus on sustainability, quality improvement, and community involvement. He has implemented advanced agricultural techniques and has been involved in various initiatives to support local communities and promote environmental conservation.

Under Veloso’s leadership, Fazenda Santa Cecilia has gained a reputation for producing exceptional coffee beans that are highly sought after by specialty coffee roasters and enthusiasts worldwide. The farm is part of a region renowned for its ideal coffee-growing conditions, including favourable altitude, climate, and soil.The farm often participates in coffee competitions and has won several awards, further establishing its reputation for excellence.

Fazenda Santa Cecilia is often highlighted for its sustainable practices and commitment to social and environmental stewardship, ensuring that their coffee production does not come at the expense of the ecosystem. For example, Santa Cecília Farm has performed as a stage for an event for women’s empowerment in agro-business, through the project “Coffee Flowers” in cooperation with CARPEC Cooperative. With CARPEC’s support, the farm brought women together to share their stories and success in the world of coffee.

Fazenda Santa Cecilia

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Producer: Pedro Veloso
Varieties: Acaiá Cerrado, Acauã Novo, Acauãma, Catuaí, 32, Catuaí 62, Catuaí 144, Catucaí 2SL, Catucaí 785/15, Caturra, Gesha, IBC 12, IPR 100, Maragogipe
Altitude: 900-1100 masl


We firmly believe that coffee is not just a beverage but a link that connects people and cultures around the world.

The Veloso family operates a total of eight coffee farms, in three different complexes. Pedro Veloso bought his first farm in 1977, so he has more than five decades of experience in coffee farming. For more information about the farms and the family business, visit their website.

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