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Don Benji CM Natural Gesha

Don Benji CM Natural Gesha
23.11.2023 tildamaria.turunen

Don Benji CM Natural Gesha

This natural geisha boasts an orange floral aroma and a set of delightful flavour notes including papaya, blueberry, and raisin. It’s the kind of coffee that will leave you craving for more, with its long and elegant finish. Crafted from beans harvested in April 2023, this coffee is a testament to the artistry of coffee production.

Farm: Finca Don Benjie
Producer: De Dianous & Müller
Country: Panama
Micro Region: Boquete
Altitude: 1500 masl
Variety: Gesha
Processing: Natural Carbonic Macerated fermentation

Expect notes of: Orange floral aroma, notes of papaya, blueberry, raisin and a long, elegant finish


About the producer and farm

The journey begins at Finca Don Benjie, a charming coffee plantation sprawling across 33 hectares in the breathtaking highlands of Chiriquí. Nestled in the shadow of the Barú Volcano and alongside the pristine waters of the Caldera River, the farm’s mystical location is a true gem for tourists, nature lovers, and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Jose Benjamin de Dianous G. and Stefan Arwed Müller, the new owners of this paradise, took over the farm in 2011 with a commitment to quality and environmental preservation. Their dedication shines through every bean, creating a coffee experience like no other.

The altitude of the plantation ranges from 1400 to 1550 metres, contributing to the unique and vibrant flavours of the coffee. Finca Don Benjie’s micro lots of specialty coffees are a result of careful harvesting by varietal and innovative processing techniques.

If you wondered what the letters CM in coffee name Don Benji CM Natural Gesha mean, it comes from the words Carbonic Maceration. At Finca Don Benjie, they’re exploring the latter, inspired by the world of winemaking. The primary difference between Anaerobic fermentation and Carbonic Maceration is that in Carbonic Maceration, the coffee is not pulped, which allows for a unique and creative process inspired by the grape-growing world. It’s a fascinating intersection of two beloved beverages.


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