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Nordic Coffee Company

Nordic Coffee Company
23.11.2023 tildamaria.turunen

The birth of the Finnish taste experience

Coffee lovers and flavour travellers created their own path at a coffee roaster called the Nordic Coffee Company. The roastery’s founders believe that coffee is much more than just a morning drink. It can be a window to different cultures and connections around the world. This belief has led them to carefully select their coffee beans and build relationships with coffee producers around the world.

Nordic Coffee Company is a genuine neighbourhood roastery. Their story began when a shared passion for coffee and the world of flavours brought the founders together. Their goal is to bring the world’s best coffee beans to a roaster inspired by northern nature and create unique coffee blends that tell the story of Finland’s diverse landscape and urban pulse.

At Nordic Coffee Company, every roast is an art form, combining passion, skill and creativity. The aim is to bring the best qualities of each bean to life, creating flavours that reflect Finland’s changing seasons, important moments, but also the everyday moments when coffee is enjoyed.

The Nordic Coffee Company roastery is a story of flavour adventure, passion and community. SLURP is proud to be part of this story!

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