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Janson X850

Janson X850
25.11.2022 Elina Viiala

Janson X 850

It’s time for our October’s SLURP rare which is coming from Manhattan Coffee roasters

Dan from Manhattan sent us 6 samples, and what a superb set of coffees it was! After tasting them, it was really a pleasant surprise that even though there were a lot of coffees done with different kinds of natural and anaerobic fermentation, it was X 850 that got our attention.

We are happy to offer you washed coffee for a while!

Coffee comes from Janson family farms in Panama. We heard that Janson X lots are some of the most crisp and clean expressions of geisha you’re likely to taste anywhere.
There is a huge cult following for the Janson X coffees. Obviously we at SLURP wanted to check what this fuss is about, and dang – WHAT-A-COFFEE!
Now you will be the lucky one to taste this too.

Beautifully floral and tea-like coffee with flavour notes of mandarin and sencha. 🌸🍊🍵

Farm: Janson family farms
Farmer: Janson Family
Location: Volcán, Chiriqui, Panama
Altitude: 1800 masl
Varietal: Green-Tip Geisha
Process: Washed

Like mentioned previously, Janson X lots have built up a cult following and are crazy popular. Manhattan sold out of the last Janson X lot – 928 in less than a day and had a day’s worth of emails and messages from people who missed out. “They are hyper-clean and have an almost glassy mouthfeel, unlike many coffees we’ve come across. They are super pure expressions of variety and terroir.”

Here’s Manhattan’s story of the Janson X lots

“We’re proud to bring you the culmination of years of work with the Janson family for another year running. The story of the Janson X project began in 2018 when Ben first met Kai at a trade show in Dubai. After some debate about what would be more important: threshing, or drying, a friendship was formed with a need to find out the answer. Firstly, drying was on the table. What is good drying? Why do we have systems that have parameters like range of humidity and water activity, and why does quality differ even if these ranges are met. The Janson X project is simply about trying to quantify these differences in custom-built dehydrators that can dry coffee quickly under cooler conditions than average harvest norms. The results of these immaculate drying practices are utterly spectacular, we believe the Janon X lots are some of the most crisp and clean expressions of geisha you’re likely to taste anywhere.”

– Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Expect notes of: Mandarin, Sencha, Violet




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