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#206 Makea Coffee: Deman Estate, Kenia

#206 Makea Coffee: Deman Estate, Kenia
14.12.2022 Elina Viiala

Cherry・Some blueberries・Dried figs

Deman Estate, Kenia

Makea Coffee

Roaster: Visa Tuovinen

Located on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya, Meru Municipality has some of the most nutrient-rich land in Kenya. In the village of Nkubu, young and innovative farmer Mutai Kinyua has revived his family’s Deman Estate coffee farm to produce delicious berries. The Deman Estate grows Batia and Ruiru 11 varieties of Arabica. What makes this coffee special is its natural processing. Almost all coffee coming from Kenya is traditionally washed processed, but Mutai wanted to try a natural or sun-dried method for this coffee. The beans are dried on raised beds for about four weeks. The beans are then pressed off the top of the bean and the beans are placed in separate drying rooms until they reach the right degree of humidity. As light roasted the natural processing of this coffee gives a soft mouthfeel, although the acidity is fresh and fruity. The flavour is cherry, with a hint of blueberry, and the coffee has the sweetness of a dried fig. We bought 500kg of this green coffee from the 2021 harvest and paid 251% above market price for it as a quality premium.

Country: Kenya
Region: Meru County
Farm: Deman Estate
Farmer: Mutai Kinyua
Varieties: Batia, Ruiru 11
Growing altitude: 1500-2100m
Process: Natural

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