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What would life be without amazing coffee?

SLURP coffee experience brings delicious artisan coffees straight from Finnish roasters to your mailbox.

How it works

Hand-roasted by artisan roasters, fresh to your doorstep every 2 or 4 weeks.


Tell us what you like

All the upcoming coffees are selected accordingly. Additionally you choose the size and interval, we take care of the rest. Let the adventure begin!


Freshly roasted from Finnish artisans

In co-operation with already over 40 artisan roasters we ship hand-roasted, fresh coffees to you. In addition, you support sustainable coffee production.


Delivered to your doorstep

All coffees come straight from the roaster to your home. Our service doesn’t bind you to anything and you can make changes anytime.

Hot in the Press

Better Coffee

SLURP offers in co-operation with artisan roasters delicious and sustainably produced specialty coffees.

Together we change the world for better one cup at a time.

Said about us

SLURP rare

Rare varieties with highest cupping scores. Experimental processing methods. Complex, high-quality & unique coffees.

Choose ethical and delicious coffee!