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Products of the month

Slurp’s Products of the Month

Slurp’s picks for February!

Coffees of the month


Guatemala Huehuetenango Micaela Domingo is a fresh light roast coffee with citrus acidity and floral notes. Medium acidity.

Club is a medium roast, smooth coffee. Taste includes chocolate and sweetness, as an espresso slight fruity acidity as well.

Sumatra Mandheling comes from the island of Sumatra. Low acidity and rich mouth feel. You can taste spices and licorice in this dark roasted coffee.

Products of the month

Do you want to make even better coffee at home? Freshly ground coffee is always better. Wilfa Svart Aroma coffee grinder CGWS-130B is extremely efficient and affordable, so grab one while they last.

A beautiful and useful teapot that also works with a pour over filter. The Bonavita Glass Tea Brewer is an elegant teapot with a separate glass sieve and lid. The pot has been made from clear, heat resistant glass, all parts are machine washable and easy to clean.

Find a whole new way to make coffee! The Hario coffee syphon is modern take on the Japanese way of classically brewing coffee. Beautiful and handy in coffee brewing! The syphon is both beautiful and functional!

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