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Hario Syphon
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Hario Syphon

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The Hario coffee syphon is modern take on the Japanese way of classically brewing coffee. Beautiful and handy in coffee brewing!

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Hario Syphon

The coffee syphon from Hario is modern take on the Japanese way of classically brewing coffee. The very high quality, heat durable glass and the sturdy metallic parts make the Hario syphon an enduring partner for making coffee.

Using a syphon is a very cool and interesting looking way to brew that rewards you with exquisite coffee.

The package includes a filter cloth, two glas parts (which comprise the syphon),  a dual purpose plastic stirring ladle and a measuring cup as well as the stand. The syphon reminds one of a laboratory.

Brewing itself happens so that one of the glas containers is filled with heating water, which then fills up the glas container above (where the coffee is) through pressure. The coffee then pours back down through a cloth filter. By using a cloth for a filter, the result has a unique consistency: sweet, clear and nuanced.

The syphon also acts as a beautiful piece of art owing to its spectacular appearance.

There are three sizes available: small (240ml), medium (360ml) and large (600ml).


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Large (600ml), Medium (360ml), Small (240ml)


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