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Iced Tea recipes

Iced tea recipes
22.06.2023 Johanna Rautiainen

Get cool with iced tea

Cold brew tea is a nice refreshing drink in the summer heat and a great summer refreshment for barbecues, picnics or trips to the woods!

Cold brewing is the easiest way to make cold brew tea. The flavour of cold brew tea is accentuated by its sweetness and umami. Jasmine tea, darjeeling tea, kukicha and many green teas, black teas and oolongs in general are particularly good for cold brew tea.

Delicious recipes for the cold brew teas:

Cold brew loose leaf teas

1 g tea / 100 ml water ratio (Later you can adjust it to your own taste. Use more leaves when you want a stronger taste and vice versa.)

1. Put water and tea to a container. (For example, glass jar with a lid or cover. So the odour in the fridge won’t affect the tea. Another tip is to use a disposable brewing bag, then the leaves will stay nicely in when pouring the ready tea.)
2. Put the jar into the fridge for at least 5 hours or overnight.
3. Enjoy!

Ice tea brewed from good quality loose leaves is delicious without sweetening, but if you want to sweeten the tea, heat a small amount of water and mix in sugar and honey. Once the sugar and honey have dissolved, add the syrup to the cold brew.

Cold brewed hibiscus

Hibiscus infusion has vibrant red colour and citrus taste.

1 g tea hibiscus/ 100 ml cold water ratio, honey, optional: fresh mint leaves, berries, ice cubes.

1. Brew tea hibiscus in cold water, for 3 hours or overnight in the fridge.
2. Add honey, mint leaves, berries and ice cubes to your liking.
3. Enjoy the beautiful drink!


Great tea options for ice teas:

TeeMaa – Karigane
TeeMaa -Hibiscus

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