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Espoon Kahvipaahtimo

Espoon Kahvipaahtimo
27.06.2024 tildamaria.turunen

Award-winning artisan roastery from Espoo!

Espoon Kahvipaahtimo was born out of love and passion for coffee, and its founders Andre and Perko put quality at the heart of every step of the process. Their coffee is roasted and packaged by hand at Suomenoja in Espoo.

The roastery is constantly seeking out new smallholders around the world to ensure the ethics and quality of the product. Master roaster Andre and his more than a decade of coffee roasting experience ensures each coffee has a unique roasting profile, and in recognition of their professionalism, the roastery has won the Roasters’ Challenge roasting competition in 2022 and 2023.

All our coffees go through a rigorous tasting process before sale to ensure that every cup provides an enjoyable experience. Our head barista Perko innovates by experimenting with different recipes and extraction methods for each coffee we roast, ensuring the best possible coffee experience for our customers.”

In addition, at the 2024 Helsinki Coffee Festival, the roastery won the Decaf Coffee of the Year and Espresso Coffee of the Year awards, which are great acknowledgements of their dedication to quality and innovation. SLURP is delighted to welcome the team of Espoon Kahvipaahtimo to the coffee experience community!

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