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Abi Coffee

Abi Coffee
24.06.2021 Emilia Linnankoski

Abi Coffee is a small artisan roastery founded in 2020 in Kaarina, Turku. It is important for Abi Coffee to offer coffee combining characteristics important to Finns, such as quality and taste, and the opportunity to secure farmers’ livelihoods in the country of production.

Abi Coffee currently imports three different 1st Class coffees from Ethiopia. Directly from the farmer without intermediaries. Raw coffee is roasted and packed in an artisan roastery in Kaarina to suit Finnish taste.

Helen came to Finland from Ethiopia in 1997. She got a place as a scholarship student from a gardening school. ”I am married and the mother of two wonderful children. I have always said to my eldest son: ‘You are smart and know the languages, you could help Ethiopia and Finland find each other in many ways, once we are citizens of both countries’ ”. This is exactly what Helen is now doing in Abi Coffee. Helen has been an entrepreneur since 2012 and knows that quality and reliability are key to entrepreneurship. And that’s exactly what Abi Coffee is all about.

100% Natural Ethiopian coffee directly from the farmer

Abi’s coffees are organically grown 1st Class coffees. Raw coffee is responsibly imported from Ethiopia to Finland directly from the farmer without intermediaries. Thus, in addition to an excellent taste experience, coffee also provides an opportunity to influence the lives of farmers in their home country. The origins of Abi’s coffees are traceable and the crop grows near the birthplace of their coffee expert, Helen Ghebrehiwet, in Sidamo, southern Ethiopia.

The coffee is roasted, ground and packed in a small artisan roastery in Kaarina, Turku

Abi’s coffee is purchased directly from coffee growers in southern Ethiopia. The coffee variety is Heirloom, which is grown in the towns of Aleta, Bena, Gabicho Rogicha and Gedeb. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1900m-2300m, which gives the coffee an exceptionally rich taste. Coffee processing is natural. Abi Coffee always uses fresh beans from the latest harvest season. Raw coffee is roasted, ground and packaged in their own small roastery in Kaarina.

Coffee that secures the livelihood of farmers in Ethiopia

Coffee cultivation is a major industry in Ethiopia. The best Ethiopian coffee is made by naturally growing and picking by hand. In most cases, production is carried out by the farmer’s own family. It is difficult for the farmer himself to reach customers from abroad, so his livelihood is easily dependent on the trade offered by the big shops at the price set by the buyer. Coffee wholesaler Abi pays a fair price for coffee directly to the farming family, set by the farmer, allowing him to secure his family’s livelihood, health care and education for his children.

Family business

It is important for Abi Coffee to offer coffee that combines both important characteristics for Finns and the opportunity to secure farmers’ livelihoods in the country of production. Abi Coffee works on behalf of its own family, personally responsible for ensuring that each coffee bean is of the best quality.

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