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Japanese Roasters

Japanese Roasters
23.07.2021 Elina Viiala




Welcome to explore our Japanese Coffee roasters. 

We work in co-operation with top artisan roasters to bring you the most delicious, sustainable coffees out there. Here you can get to know the amazing roasters SLURP has to offer from Japan.



Mr Kawai was born into a family-owned coffee wholesale company and started his carrier at a coffee company in Tokyo after he graduated from university. Being attracted to the Pacamara at El Injerto farm in Guatemala, he decided to devote his life to specialty coffee. In 2015, he opened GOLPIE COFFEE in Nagoya and in the same year won the Japan Roasting Championship in Japan.

With his concept “Vision of Identity”, Mr Kawai directly sources coffees after cupping them himself at the farm. Bringing out the original flavour of coffee, he strives for well-rounded and rich texture with long lasting notes.

Mr Kawai is also familiar with coffee in a more formal fashion, being a Cup of Excellence judge since 2014.


Mr Suzuki, owner and roaster of Glitch coffee, started his career under Paul Basset Tokyo, the world barista champion in 2003. He was engaged in the opening cafes in Asian countries such as South Korea.

He won the Japan Aeropress coffee championship 2014, then opened his cafe in Jinbo-cho in Tokyo, where the Japanese historical coffee culture oriented. He has been exploring single origin speciality coffee, with which he expresses the individual and unique flavours. Mr Suzuki focuses on solely on lightly roasting only the best coffee beans. He wants to devote his life ‘to’ roasting coffee from the farmers he truly respects.



LEAVES COFFEE was started in 2016. The roaster Mr. Ishii has a 20-year career in the restaurant business since he was a teenager and he started working in the speciality coffee industry in 2010. He was a professional boxer in Tokyo.

In 2019, he started roasting as LEAVES COFFEE ROASTERS with the concept of “from the small town roastery to the world”. He became a barista and learned to roast by himself and established his own style.

In the first year of his roasting career, he won first place at JRC (Japan Roast Competition) in the Tokyo area and third place in Japan. He is aiming to be the best roaster in the world. He named his roasting style “Light roast high development”, and the style maximizes the potential of the coffee beans. “Please enjoy coffee with a very comfortable balance of acidity and sweetness and a clean impression. ”




Yuya Iwasaki is responsible for quality control at Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters in Osaka’s Edogawa district. He was runner-up at the Japan Coffee Roasting Championship 2018 and winner at the Japan Aeopress Championship Roast Competition 2019.

He has been able to keep improving his technique mainly by bringing his self-roasted coffee to his colleagues and friends and getting their candid feedback. The café has since gained many fans who can look forward to Iwasaki’s roasting techniques on the one hand, and high-quality coffees imported only by Takamura on the other.




Mr Koji Ida started roasting coffee beans at the he Rococo Coffee, a family-run coffee shop in Nara in 2011. He gained his Q Grader licence in 2013 and was awarded 6th place at the Japan Coffee Roasting Championship during/after the first challenge.

He opened his own roastery, ROKUMEI COFFEE Co, in Nara in 2015. In 2018 he won the Japan Roasting Championship and participated in the World Coffee Roasting Championship in 2019.

Mr Ida has been engaged in the developing speciality coffee culture at championship level within Japan for many years. All processes are essential for making a cup of coffee as the quote. From seed to cup’, indicated. Every person behind the processes involved, such as farming and roasting, should be equally compensated for their hard work. My mission is to create a process chain which enables everyone to be happy.




Mr. Sasaki, owner and roaster of PASSAGE COFFEE, who has been engaged in the coffee industry for 15 years. He started his career under Paul Basset Tokyo, the world barista champion in 2003, and learnt brewing and roasting techniques at his coffee shop, the PAUL BASSET Tokyo. Mr. Sasaki became the World AeroPress Champion in 2014, then opened PASSAGE COFFEE in 2017 and opened PASSAGE COFFEE ROASTERY in 2018.

“Like your favorite fruits, coffee beans preserve all the flavours; such as peach, blueberries, apples, or aroma of flowers. When I roast beans, I carefully direct the irreplaceable terroir, soil, varieties, environment and the idea of producers. I am pleased if my coffee provides colours to the people.”



After travelling to 80 countries around the world in his 20’s, Mr Sakata realised speciality coffee and its ecosystem had the potential to reduce poverty in developing countries. So he opened “KOTO COFFEE ROASTERS” in Nara in 2017, serving coffee and roasted beans.

In 2019 Mr Sakata won the Japan Coffee Roasting Championship and he is currently training for the World Coffee Roasting Championship, which will be held in 2021. He moved to the mountainous area of Nara and re-opened “Koto coffee roasters” as micro-roastery in an old authentic Japanese house, putting his focus on the roast.


Ituka Coffee was founded in 2004 in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Mr. Kondo learned to roast there as a trainee first and was hired as a roaster later. He won the Japan Coffee Roasting Championship in 2016. In 2018, he went to Taiwan for a working holiday and worked at a roastery there. After that, returned to Ituka Coffee and he took over as the Managing Director of Ituka coffee in 2020. They create products that are particular about everything from material selection to roasting and sorting so that you can enjoy the taste of each type of coffee. Their roasting machine is Fuji Royal 5kg.




After studying engineering at university, Mr Mori dived into the coffee industry. He worked at a roastery while studying the skills required to manage a roastery himself. During this time, he travelled to central America and lived on a farm in Nicaragua for several months. From his time spent on the farm, Mr Mori gained invaluable knowledge around coffee production. After returning to Japan in 2013, he opened “COFFEE COUNTY” in Kurume, Fukuoka. In 2014, he got the second place at the Japan Roasting Championship. Two branch shops were opened in Fukuoka area in 2016 and 2019.

He challenges himself to always create new products and roasts his beans with two vintage Probat’s, one built in 1955 and the other built in 1980. Using these, Mr Mori is able to extract the original taste of the coffee, which allows his customers to experience the growing environment such as soil, weather and process.

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