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Lykke Kahvitilat

Lykke Kahvitilat
24.04.2023 Elina Viiala

Lykke Kahvitilat was established in 2022 with the mission to create a more sustainable coffee business that makes no harm for anyone. Lykke challenges traditional business models by growing, buying and roasting coffee itself.

The coffees are roasted by hand in Kuopio and Stockholm. In addition, some products are commissioned from other small roasters with unused capacity.

The philosophy behind Lykke Kahvitilat

The coffee industry is still in a state of imbalance. The big grow, the small stay small and coffee is sold so cheaply that farmers cannot afford to be fairly compensated. Unfortunately, selling and buying cheaply leads not only to the degradation of workers’ conditions, but also to unsustainable practices such as clear-cutting, chemical fertilisation and heavy irrigation. This imbalance cannot even change for the better as long as a coffee berry picker earns well under a euro a day, while at the same time, in Europe, people are charging up to EUR 4 for a cup of coffee.

Lykke Coffee Farms does things differently. Lykke owns coffee farms in partnership with local farmers in Latin America and Africa. By having their own people on the coffee farms every day of the year, they have a much greater say in quality and responsible production. This also allows full transparency of the logistical channel. The sustainability of the operation is complemented by the fact that the same farmers are also partners in the Lykke brand, meaning that they can enjoy the benefits of the products that are only produced here in Europe. This is a long-term project, so most of the proceeds will be channelled back to the farms to support and further develop their sustainable development activities.


The first model farms are located in El Salvador, Peru, Panama, Brazil and Uganda. These are organic farms where high quality coffee is grown at the highest possible altitude to avoid being overly affected by global warming. The farms do not have traditional certifications, but instead Lykke is committed to the UN Principles for Sustainability, which were created to serve the principles of sustainable food production. These aim to take better account of local challenges and differences between countries and continents. Lykke Coffee Farms understands the importance of biodiversity for the well-being of nature and wildlife, but also that a cup of coffee tastes good for the soil and the environment. The better the environment, the better the coffee tastes. We also buy coffee from our own farm neighbourhood, a community with a genuine desire to do better.

Lykke regularly publishes a detailed sustainability report and Enveritas monitors the activities as a third, independent party.

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