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SLURP belongs to the VAT special scheme (One Stop Shop)

SLURP belongs to the VAT special scheme (One Stop Shop)
14.07.2021 Nea Änkilä

SLURP belongs to the VAT special scheme (One Stop Shop)

What is this change about?

Starting from July 1, 2021, the e-commerce VAT reform will enter into force throughout the EU. Before the reform, items ordered from outside EU worth less than 22€ were not subject to VAT. From the beginning of July, all shipments must be declared and VAT paid. The reform will place domestic and European online stores on the same playing field as international online stores.

Along with the reform, companies could join voluntary One Stop Shop scheme (IOSS or OSS) which enables e-commerce to collect the VAT at the web store checkout on behalf of the customer. We at SLURP are part of this One Stop Shop -system. The systems allows us to add value-added tax (VAT) into our products according to the shopping country, when the country belongs to the European Union VAT territory.

If you live outside EU VAT territory, you will need to pay the local VAT through customs clearance, even when the price is less than 22 €. The amount of value-added tax charged in customs clearance depends on the VAT rate of the destination country. In Finland, value-added tax is 24 % for products and 14 % for coffee and tea.

Will this change affect my SLURP orders?

By belonging to the VAT special scheme, we will collect the VAT from your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about the custom clearance when you make an order inside the EU. The VAT will be charged according to the destination country when you make a purchase in our web store. You will see the VAT percentage and the final price with VAT at the checkout.

If you purchase our products (value under 150€) from outside EU:

To inside EU:
We will charge you the VAT in checkout according to the destination country. Product will be shipped you without customs clearing.

To outside EU:
We will sell the product to you free of VAT. You will need pay the VAT in your local customs clearing.

More information for example here and in Finnish Posti.

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