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Spill the beans with these Valentine’s gift ideas that speak from your heart

Spill the beans with these Valentine’s gift ideas that speak from your heart
12.02.2019 Rafael Linnankoski

“Friends bring happiness into your life. Best friends bring coffee.”

Whilst Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we find a lot of people wondering what’s a good way to gift your partner or friend? Coffee is our answer to all your problems! Coffee is perhaps the most effective way to someone’s heart, and it’s often associated with happy memories and irreplaceable habits both in literature, movies and human history. Hassle free and guaranteed to make anyone happy, let’s dig deeper on how coffee is an excellent gift choice for Valentine’s Day this year.

Why is coffee a great gift?

Coffee is very ordinary and that’s why we love it. Well known as black gold, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The biggest ingredient in coffee is actually pure water, and only a marginal part contains flavors, caffeine and other ingredients. Together they create coffee’s flavor profile, which is also influenced by the roasting and brewing style. Coffee stimulates our brains and releases dopamine and caffeine into our bodies, adding extra kick and confidence to your being. Dopamine and caffeine create a feeling of well-being that is often associated with drinking that first coffee cup of the morning. Instead of giving flowers or movie tickets, you could gift your partner with a daily experience of drinking high quality coffee at home.

Gift them a daily experience of drinking quality coffee

When you are trying to come up with a great way to acknowledge your partner on Valentine’s Day or on any other special event, remember that the best little things in life are often normal everyday routines that have been upgraded and made a bit more luxurious. You can order the best artisan coffees from Slurp straight to your postbox or to your workplace to brighten your colleagues’ Monday. The daily coffee cup becomes even more of an enjoyable experience when you get to explore different coffee varieties and flavor experiences — of course according to your taste palette. Make a nice cup of coffee in the morning and surprise your partner happily — there is nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Let’s sign you up for Slurp coffee plan!

Bring your coffee experience to the next level: gift them a coffee grinder

The fact is coffee tastes the best when it’s as fresh as possible. How do you currently drink your coffee? If you’re brewing your cup from coffee grinds, we challenge you to give coffee beans a try and to purchase a coffee grinder. It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it’s very simple, and the aroma is even stronger. When grinding your own coffee you can be guaranteed of its freshness and you can always prepare the amount of beans you need for the moment. Go with manual or electric, adjust to your brewing style. Explore the coffee grinders we have available here!

The softest gift of Valentine’s is made from coffee grinds: the perfect body scrub

Coffee is drunk and what a delicious cup was it. Now you’re left with coffee grinds and guess what, they can be turned into a wonderful gift. Add coconut oil, a pinch of sea salt and a few drops of essential oil of your choice, mix well together with the coffee grinds until you reach a nice composition and store in an airtight jar — introducing you to a homemade body scrub. Works well on dry feet, tired face or heavy legs. Apply, scrub scrub scrub, enjoy the roast aroma and the fresh hue.

Gift to spend time together by coffee

As cliché as it sounds, coffee is an easy and pressure-free way to get to know your date if you are still in the beginning of dating. When going on a first date, if you don’t hit it off and the conversation doesn’t flow, you can literally just go for a coffee and leave after. For more established couples it can be fun to explore the neighborhood’s artisan cafes and find your favorites. You can also bring this experience home with you and subscribe to Slurp’s coffee plan where you receive a coffee delivery every two weeks straight to your mailbox, each time from a different roastery. The best gift you can give is stress free quality time together — let’s get you a Slurp gift card.

It’s been awhile now, go and get yourself a cup of coffee and bring some joy to your loved one’s day — that’s what we’ll do too.

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