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#226 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Brazil Mare Blue

#226 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Brazil Mare Blue
25.09.2023 tildamaria.turunen

Milk chocolate・Cane sugar・Red apple

Brazil Mare Blue

Pirkanmaan Paahtimo

Roaster: Tuomas Roschier

Mare Blue is produced by a cooperative that works in direct trade activities, which allows small producers access to international markets. Its coffees have been ranked in international competitions among the best coffees in Brazil. For more than 50 years, the producer and founder of the cooperative and his children have been contributing to sustainable development throughout the region, providing the domestic and foreign markets with a standard of excellence and quality recognised by all its customers.

Country: Brazil
Region: Alta Mogiana
Farm: Region’s co-operative
Farmer: Several smallholders
Varieties: Catuai, Mundo novo
Growing altitude: 1200m
Process: Natural

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