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#228 Nordic Coffee Company: Lappi

#228 Nordic Coffee Company: Lappi
18.10.2023 tildamaria.turunen

Dark chocolate・Tobacco-like・Spices


Nordic Coffee Company

Roaster: Petri Parviainen

A really dark and smooth filter coffee for adult tastes. Dark chocolate, smoky flavours dominate this blend. A hint of spice in the finish, slightly acidic and delicious. Nordic Coffee Company is a genuine neighbourhood roastery. Their story began when they were united by a shared passion for coffee and the world of flavours. Their goal was to bring the world’s best coffee beans to the roastery, inspired by northern nature, and create unique coffee blends that would tell the story of Finland’s diverse landscape and urban pulse.

Country: Cuba, Guatemala
Region: Sierra Maestre, Huehuetenango
Farm: Various estates
Farmer: Several smallholders
Varieties: Typica, Catai, Bourbon, Carturra
Growing altitude: 1500-2000m
Process: Washed

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