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#231 Roger’s Coffee: Colombia Midnight

#231 Roger’s Coffee: Colombia Midnight
30.11.2023 tildamaria.turunen

Hints of apples・Nuts・Dark chocolate

Colombia Midnight

Roger’s Coffee

Roaster: Roger Snellman

Colombia Excelsio is an excellent coffee grown by several independent coffee farmers, delivering and selling their product to Racafe Mill. It is a quality standard and easier process for both sides, bringing amazing Colombian coffee to Rogers Coffee and allowing coffee farmers to do their business with ease.​​ When ripe, the coffee cherries are picked and go through an initial flotation sorting to remove underripes and general debris before passing through a pulping machine and going down the washing channels to the fermentation tanks. Typically in Colombia, this is carried out on the farm, with processed cherries then being taken to a dry mill for careful grading, tasting, and blending. The coffee is stored in parchment until ready for export, when it is hulled at the dry mill and bagged for shipping.

Country: Colombia
Region: Antioquia, Huila
Farm: Several farms
Farmer: Several smallholders
Varieties: Caturra, Castillo, Typica
Growing altitude: 1100-1900m
Process: Washed

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