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#234 Mokkamestarit: Savannah

#234 Mokkamestarit: Savannah
08.01.2024 tildamaria.turunen

Chocolate・Syrupy・Ripe fruits



Roaster: Long Nguyen

Savannah organic coffee was born out of Mokkamestarit roastery’s desire to develop a blend of natural-processed coffees alongside washed classics. Espresso blending is always a challenge for even the most experienced roaster of dark coffees. After much experimentation, the experts at Mokkamestarit found the right juicy coffees and the right roasting profile, which together created a multi-dimensional Savannah that works in both filter and espresso. Ethiopian Guji Washed and Brazilian Daterran natural are combined in this blend to provide a caramel-like finish.

Country: Ethiopia / Brazil
Region: –
Farm: –
Farmer: –
Variety: Guji Washed / Daterra (Arabica)
Growing altitude: 1300-1600m
Process: Washed / Natural

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