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#245 Makea Coffee: Kesäyön muiskaus

#245 Makea Coffee: Kesäyön muiskaus
14.06.2024 tildamaria.turunen

Molasses sweetness・Chocolate・Spicy

Kesäyön muiskaus

Makea Coffee

Roaster: Kim Kärnä

In the lush coffee-growing area of Nyamasheke, Rwanda, lies a village called Kamina. The smallholders in this village mainly grow the Red Bourbon variety. The coffee is delivered to the Gatare processing station. Gatare is known for its high quality Washed processing, and several coffees produced by Gatare have won Cup of Excellence competitions.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Nyamasheke County, Kamina Village
Farm: Several estates
Farmer: Smallholders in Kamina village
Variety: Red Bourbon
Growing altitude: 1800m
Process: Fully washed

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