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#74 ROKUMEI COFFEE CO: Guatemala Antigua

#74 ROKUMEI COFFEE CO: Guatemala Antigua
29.04.2024 tildamaria.turunen

Bitter dark chocolate・Sweet・Apricot

Guatemala Antigua


Roaster: Koji Ida

Antigua, Guatemala is surrounded by three volcanoes. The cool air blowing from the mountains produces a difference in temperature between day and night. Antigua coffee has long been a reference for the highest quality coffee. While it is well-balanced and easy to drink, it has a bitter chocolate-like richness and sweetness. When it cools down a little, the apricot-like flavour and sweetness will peek out a bit. Guatemala Antigua is a classic, balanced type that everyone loves. It’s not particularly flashy, but it’s easy to love.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Antigua
Farm: Antigua Buena Vista
Farmer: Luis Pedro Salaya
Variety: Villasalchi
Growing altitude: 1800-1900m
Process: Washed

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