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#108 Rock Paper Scissors Indie Roastery: Uganda Sipi Falls

#108 Rock Paper Scissors Indie Roastery: Uganda Sipi Falls
12.03.2019 Maria Ariyo

Shipment #108, Week 11
SLURP dark


Uganda Sipi Falls

Country: Uganda
Region: Mt. Elgon
Farm: Sipi Mills processing station
Farmer: Kawacom Farmer’s Group
Varieties: SL 14 & SL 28


Jesse Parkkali



milk chocolate



Uganda is known especially for its robusta coffee but it has a huge potential to grow by quality to the same level with its neighbouring country Kenya in arabica coffee. Uganda actually often has the same citric flavours and high acidity mouthfeel as Kenyans.

Kawacom Farmer’s Group was founded in 1996 and its aim is to increase the quality, availability and awareness of Ugandan arabica coffee to all over the world. Earlier the smallholders used to take care of the first part of the processing, the washing on their own farms. From 2010 the Sipi Mill station has been the station where the local farmer brings cherries at the end of the picking day for processing. This has had a huge effect on cup quality. Coffees have had cleaner cup profile, more complex body and the coffees have even had some floral notes which earlier has been uncommon. Also, the lots have been more consistent from batch to batch and cup to cup and there have been fewer ”off-cups” and over fermented flavour when doing quality control. Coffee scores have also improved from 4 to 12 points.

Kawacom has a strict criterion for the community farmers so that the coffees from the area would go as homogeneous as possible for export. This means of course only picking only ripe cherries and also lots of sorting for example by floating the coffee before pulping. The better quality coffees sink while the lower quality floats.

Hopefully, you enjoy this coffee roasted by Rock Paper Scissors!

Source: Rock Paper Scissors Indie Roastery

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