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#195 Lykke Kahvitilat: Darkness

#195 Lykke Kahvitilat: Darkness
12.07.2022 Elina Viiala

Cocoa・Pecans・Cookie Dough


Lykke Kahvitilat

Roaster: Mattia Spiga

We’ve chosen green coffee that in itself has a bit more of a rugged style with inherent flavor notes. It means we get an intense flavor and mouthfeel, but with a taste of coffee rather than roast machine, as in some other dark roasts we know of. Another benefit of this deeper coffee and the hunt for a perfect bean is that we have found a use for less than perfect beans. Beans that due to cosmetic factors such as size, might not make the cut, but that flavor-wise have no imperfections. These beans need a bit more time and consideration, but when given the love they deserve, have tons to offer.

Country: Brazil
Region: Caparaò
Farm: Several smallholder farms
Farmer: Several smallholders
Variety: Catuai and Catucai
Growing altitude: 900-1500m m
Process: Natural

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