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#203 Sumatra Mandheling Gr.1,: Paahtimo Papu

#203 Sumatra Mandheling Gr.1,: Paahtimo Papu
27.10.2022 Elina Viiala

Slightly fruity・Earthy・Intense

Paahtimo Papu

Sumatra Mandheling Gr.1,

Roaster: RIstopekka Piirainen

Coffee cultivation in Indonesia holds a 300-year-old story significantly influenced by the Dutch colonization. After Indonesia became independent, the plantations were either controlled by the government or closed down.Today Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. Approx. 92% of the coffee production is in the hands of smallholder coffee farmers producing their coffee using traditional techniques. Mandheling coffees are cultivated in the volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser, close to the port of Padang in Sumatra. The name is a reference and honor to the „Mandailing people“, an ethnic group from the region.This coffee is produced by the Koperasi Buana Mandiri. It has about 1,500 members, mostly smallholder farming families with less than 1 ha of land. The beans have a unique dark greenish color due to the special processing, the wet-hulled method – locally known as Giling Basah.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Takengon Highland Central Aceh.
Farm: Cooperative Buana Mandiri
Farmer: –
Varieties: Tim-tim, typica
Growing altitude: 1250-1450m
Process: Semi washed, wet-hulled

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