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#164 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Him

#164 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Him
03.05.2021 severi.sinkko

Sweet dark spices・Chocolate・Nutty

Holmen Him

Holmen Coffee

Roaster: Junho Suzuki/Arnd Brockmüller

Midnight roasts are challenging, because you need to find just the right “curve” for the “right beans” to get that beautiful midnight taste. Darkest dark, but still with an 100% enjoyable taste. For us at Holmen also the “softness of a Holmen coffee” has to be found. Soft does not mean there isn’t kick and power in a coffee! Just like in a “Him”! This is why we named this dark roast special batch for you Slurpians Holmen Him, the perfect match between soft and dark 🙂 Enjoy!

Country: Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia
Region: Cerrada (Bra), San Marco/San Juan (CR), Medellin (Col)
Farm: Various farmers
Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica, Cerrado
Growing Altitude: 1300 (Bra), 1800 (CR), 1700 (Col)


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