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#208 Abi Coffee: Sidamo

#208 Abi Coffee: Sidamo
09.01.2023 Elina Viiala

Dark chocolate・Dark caramel・Molasses


Abi Coffee

Roaster: Micael Tesfazghi

Sidamo is the region where coffee is believed to come from. It is grown at an altitude of 1900-2300 m. Our company Abi Coffee was born from the idea of changing the spiral to the interests of the producer, the farmer, allowing the farmer to market his product at a fair price set by himself. At the same time, we want to offer coffee that is of a quality and taste that our customers would describe as the best in the world.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo
Farm: Banko Suke kebele
Farmer: Semu Niguse
Variety: Local Heirloom
Growing altitude: 1900-2300m
Process: Natural

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