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#197 Mokkamestarit Oy: Sumatra Kokowagayo FTO

#197 Mokkamestarit Oy: Sumatra Kokowagayo FTO
09.08.2022 Elina Viiala


Sumatra Kokowagayo FTO

Mokkamestarit Oy

Roaster: Long Nguyen

Sumatra Kokowagayo Cafe Femenino is a bold group of entrepreneurial women. They decided to redefine their life in Sumatra, when they noticed that their voices were not being heard in the decision-making process in the community. Since the launch of the Café Femenino programme, the women have used their increasing resources to provide management and financial training to female coffee farmers, and to mobilise capital for women’s entrepreneurship, among other things. They have even built a community centre, which provides a safe space to congregate and learn new skills together.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Sumatra, Aceh
Farm: Kokowagayo
Farmer: Co-operative
Varieties: Tim Tim, Bourbon
Growing altitude: 1400m
Process: Wet Hulled /Giling Basah

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