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Hario V60 size 01 Red
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Hario V60 size 01 Red

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This Hario V60 size 01, made with the finest porcelain, is one of the basic drippers you find in the coffee equipment market. Since this dripper gives you definite control over how to brew, the V60 can also be a challenging and satisfying dripper for a pro barista.

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Hario V60 size 01 Red.

The stunning Hario V60 is loved by coffee enthusiast around the world. Brewed with this porcelain dripper, the coffee just tastes better. The secret being the cone-like shape, the ridges curving along the inner surface and the generous opening at the bottom allowing for a good flow of air. All these ensure the coffee a better and more spacious extraction process, while giving you full control over the brewing time. Sounds simple, but the result is incredibly good.

Hario V60’s 60 degree cone shape creates enough depth and time for ground coffee to be in contact with hot water, resulting in a clear cup of coffee. With the pour-over method, you can brew directly into your cup or a server.

Even though the Hario V60 is easy to use, it allows for a lot of creativity when it comes to brewing. It will allow you to become a coffee artist!

SLURP’s recipe for brewing perfect Pour Over coffee with V60 here.

  • Size: 01 (W119mm × D100mm × H82mm )
  • Ceramic, cone-shaped dripper made with porcelain.
  • Capacity: 1 to 2 cups
  • Beautiful Japanese design.
  • Ridges spiraling along the inner surface that control the flow of water and give enough room for the extraction.
  • Extremely easy to clean and care for.
  • Works best with V60 Size 01 white/brown paper filters 


We highly recommend pairing the Hario V60 dripper with the Hario Buono kettle — it is made for this exact purpose!


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