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Pour Over Brewing Guide

Pour Over Brewing Guide
07.02.2016 Rafael Linnankoski
Hario V60 -suodatinkartio

Hario V60 pour over kit

Make Delicious Pour Over Coffee with SLURP

With the Pour Over brewing method, water is poured on top of freshly ground coffee in a separate filter cone. The speed of pouring, water temperature, circulation of water in the cone and the grind of the coffee all have an affect on the taste of the resulting coffee. In this method, the taste is very much in the hands of the brewer. The best equipment for this method are the Hario V60 pour over kit and the Hario Buono coffee pot, which are both designed with this method in mind.

How to brew 4 dl of coffee with the SLURP Pour Over recipe:

Brewing time: ~3:30 min
Final amount of coffee: 4 dl
Grind: A fine grind. With a Wilfa electric grinder we recommend one stop left from the Aeropress grind.
Ratio of coffee and water: 24g of coffee, 400g of water
What you need: a Hario V60 (or similar), filter papers, freshly roasted delicious coffee, a Hario Buono water kettle (or the electric version of it), a digital scale and a timer.

  1. Heat the water to 96 degrees. We recommend you heat the water in the kettle you intend to pour with, as the water temperature changes when transferring from one kettle to another.
  2. Add the ground coffee into the filter cone that has been rinsed and heated with boiling water. Even the coffee bed by shaking the V60 gently.
  3. Wet all the ground coffee by quickly pouring 50 g of water on the coffee.
  4. Stir the coffee quickly (within 10 seconds of the previous step) with a bamboo stick or a teaspoon to mix the water evenly. The aim is to wet the coffee as evenly as possible to ensure and even extraction.
  5. Let the coffee bloom for about 10-30 seconds. During this carbon dioxide is released from the coffee and the bed may rise and bubble visibly.
  6. Pour the water with an even speed on the coffee starting at the center and spiraling out towards the edges. Take care to pour the water on all the coffee grounds to achieve an even extraction. Continue pouring until you reach 400g weight.
  7. Let all of the water pour through the server.
  8. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

Tips for brewing:

  • The aim with brewing with the V60 is to extract the whole amount of coffee evenly and that the water passes through the coffee bed swiftly.
  • We recommend to using the Hario Buono kettle or any other with a gooseneck design. A long gooseneck makes pouring less messy and a lot more precise.
  • By adjusting the coarseness of the grind you can affect the intensity of the coffee. With a coarser grind you get a lighter extraction.
  • If you order coffee from Slurp with “pour over” selected as your brewing method, the coffee you’ll get will be ground to perfection for this method.

Learn about the SLURP coffee experience Get your own Hario V60 Pour over kit

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