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Summer 2021

SLURP Summer

Whether you’re lying on the beach, renovating your summer cabin or grinding that remote job on your balcony, Slurp will make it better. Try a new recipe, grab products for summer’s coffee moments or get a coffee experience for the summer!

Espresso Tonic Recipe

Looking for something outside the common ice-coffee options? Have you already tried an espresso tonic?😍 It’s a super fresh and summery drink to cool down the hot days.

Here’s how to make Espresso Tonic:

  1. Fill the glass with clear ice. If possible, the ice cubes should be the same size to ensure an even melting.
  2. Add 12cl of tonic water.
  3. Prepare 2 servings of espresso of your choice. We recommend a light roast with a fruity taste.
  4. Pour the espresso over the tonic.
  5. Mix gently & enjoy!


Summer Box

An assortment of artisan coffee of your preferred roast level. Roasted just for you and delivered to your home. It’s at its best in different parties, cozy summer cabin mornings, and afternoon coffee moments. Kesäboxi will make your summery coffee moments special.

Whatever your summer might contain, here are products for every summer moment!

Coffee at cottage

Enjoy a good cup of coffee on the cottage terrace or on the dock. With the help of a french press or moka pot you can brew a tasty coffee simply and quickly.

For summer adventures

With these devices you make coffee basically anywhere. Whether you are on an excursion in the heart of nature or boating in the middle of the sea. With Aeropress and Travel Press you can enjoy your coffee moments.

When the heat surprises

Eikö kahvi maistu kuumalla kelillä? Tee kylmäuutettua kahvia tai teetä piristämään kuumia hellepäiviä Harion Cold Brew tuotteilla.

Don’t want hot coffee on a hot weather? Make a cold brew coffee or tea to refresh those hot days with Hario Cold Brew products.

For home coffee moments

In summer there is time to enjoy every day. With a good coffee grinder, you can get the most out of your coffee beans. Freshly ground coffee combined with the Harion Pour over kit will always get you a great coffee.

For tea lovers

Boil and brew your summer teas with these beautiful and high-quality equipment.

Grab a coffee experience and enjoy summer with coffees tailored to your taste

Tell us what you like

All the upcoming coffees are selected accordingly. Additionally you choose the size and interval, we take care of the rest. Let the adventure begin!

Freshly roasted from Finnish artisans

In co-operation with already 20 Finnish artisan roasters we ship hand-roasted, fresh coffees to you. In addition, you support sustainable coffee production.

Delivered to your doorstep

All coffees come straight from the roaster to your home. Our service doesn’t bind you to anything and you can make changes anytime.

Coffee experience as a gift for summer celebrations!

It is quick and easy to order the coffee subscription. The coffee experience is the perfect gift for someone who “has everything”. The prepaid subscription lets you surprise the presentee with your selections and with our gift cards, presentee can make their own selections. You choose, we deliver. This is a gift that keeps giving long after the party!

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