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German Roasters

German Roasters
22.09.2021 Elina Viiala


Welcome to explore our German Coffee roasters. 

We work in co-operation with top artisan roasters to bring you the most delicious, sustainable coffees out there. Here you can get to know the amazing roasters SLURP has to offer from Germany.



Populus Coffee is a family-owned, independent specialty coffee company with strong roots in the Nordic and a home in Neukölln, Berlin. They roast and brew exceptional, exciting and experimental coffees from some of the best producers in the world.

Populus was founded in 2015 by a Finnish couple Sari and Henrik Haavisto. For us, Populus offers a possibility to work according to our own set of ethics, guidelines and philosophy in a trade we love and respect. Specialty coffee is all about relationships , collaboration and commitment for achieving quality as well as economic and ecological sustainability. Our job is to bring the right people together over coffee.

Populus thrives to establish a coffee supply chain that generates value to everyone involved in the process of making a seed to taste like a rainbow in your cup.



Main Lane is a progressive and producer focused roaster located in Berlin, Germany. Roaster as founded with the goal to challenge and overcome common perception of sustainability, so-called fair trade and social responsibility.

“We are aiming towards a more holistic approach seeking best practices to implement a coffee supply chain which favors everyone in it and faces the challenges of climate change and an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable work environment.”

Direct partnerships are therefore a key factor to reach that goal. During our journey in the speciality coffee sector we already built a few relations to our origins and producers. It is important for us to work with farmers that share our vision and ideas of sustainability as well as social responsibility. But we also are keen to give them the credit and honors they deserve by putting not only their names on the packaging but also promote them to our clients as well as connect them with other roasters. This way we are working at the moment with several producers from Brazil and El Salvador and trying to build new partnerships at others origins.

People behind Main Lane Coffee roatsres
Main Lane Coffee Roasters is all about the passion for coffee.

Marian and Sebastian originally founded Main Lane in February 2022. Just before founding Main Lane Marian had started with his own coffee bike company called Brühgruppe. His passion for coffee stems from his ten years at a very busy coffeeshop in Berlin-Schöneberg. Since the beginning of Main Lane Marian was the energetic power behind the counter. In October 2022 he got the long desired chance to open his very own coffeeshop. The Brühgruppe Café is now reality and serving Main Lane coffee in the heart of Berlin-Moabit.

Sebastian has been working with coffees since 2013. While he was doing an internship in Brazil and he got in touch with the Almeida family from Paraisopolis. He visited their farm and worked with them during his vacation period. Soon he realized how much heart and soul they put into coffee production and felt in love not only with their coffee but “the coffee life”. At the end of his Masters he wrote his thesis about the promotion of sustainable coffee production and did extensive research about coffee certifications and their impact on farmers as well as the environment. After his studies he worked with the Salvadoran coffee council for three months and learned about coffee production, quality control and roasting from scratch. Back in Germany he worked for several roasteries as a production roaster and green coffee buyer as well as a barista and trainer.
With Marian he is also making the podcast „Doppelshot“ which aired for the first time in October 2020 and only took a small break to found Main Lane but we are hoping to continue it in the future. Fynn formed part of Main Lane since the early days and is now a full team member as a barista in our Pop-Up Café as well as organising events and trainings. He is also our Latte artist and man for good music vibes.


We founders of DIE KAFFEEREI, Vicky and Lars, got to know each other in the young twenties in the Hamburg gastronomy scene. Anyone who has ever tied an apron on himself knows that hard work welds people together.

In our mid-twenties, we both started our own cafés, one after the other. Business was going well, but time is money and we didn’t see each other that often anymore. And without knowing it from each other, we were fascinated by coffee. Every free minute we spent tasting and studying different beans, taking courses and, during our holidays, persuading one or the other coffee farmer to take a guided tour.

But the more we learned about coffee, the more dissatisfied we became with the coffee we sold in our shops. As a coincidence, we both had the same idea – to roast our own coffee. And we both knew: good friends with the same values are hard to find. You might only find a real friend and business partner once in a lifetime. A short time later, DIE KAFFEEREI was founded. That was in September 2019.

Our aim is that you simply get good coffee. Good in taste, good for the soul and good for your conscience. That is why we only put speciality coffee in the drum roaster. Basically, our coffees are roasted light to medium to emphasize the complexity and aromas of the coffee. Our focus here is on chocolaty, nutty coffees.

We design our packaging, labels and also the shipping to be sustainable. Another special feature is our regional deposit system, with which we save a great deal of packaging waste together with our customers, thus protecting the environment. On average, we save around 1.8 kilograms of packaging material per customer per month.

As a young company, we take responsibility: with every kilo of coffee sold, we donate one percent of the turnover to social institutions in the region.



We are a small independent family coffee roasting company, located in Berlin. In 2016 we roasted our first coffee beans.

We are specialized mainly in the roasting of chocolaty coffee. This is also the principle on which we look for our green coffee beans. Thereby we create a balancing act between the “classic” coffee taste and the modern roasting methods.

Our beans are roasted at medium Temperatures from 10 min to 16 min (depending on bean requirements) and taken out just after the first crack. Every KAWA Coffee bean gets the treatment it deserves to end up pleasing with its taste. Unpretentiously honest!



Hola! We are David, Ivan and Joshua and we believe that the cultivation, growth and production of outstanding coffees is a matter of giving and taking for all the people involved. It is from this awareness that we have developed our entrepreneurial attitude. We want economic success for us, our coffee farmers and the regions where our coffees come from. This means sustainability and fairness for us.

We share a common passion for coffee roasting and are committed to finding the best coffees in the world. It may sound rather simple, but it’s not. We only roast carefully selected Single Origins or country coffees, some of them directly from our home country Colombia and South America. We consciously use our Colombian origins, our deep understanding of the local people and the great privilege of an exchange at eye level in a very targeted way to get actively involved in social projects. With every pack of coffee you buy, you help us to do so.

Since coffee has always been the passion of the founders David and Ivan, they decided in 2017 to give up their previous careers in large corporations and start their own speciality coffee roasting business. The focus is on real specialities – from very small harvests, lovingly picked by hand.The espresso blends are composed of multi-faceted Arabica specialities and strong, full-bodied Robusta varieties. All coffees whose beans had enough time to mature – to be gently roasted by hand for all sorts of occasions. – Best wishes!


At Rozali Coffee, we know that you are the kind of person who loves every cup of coffee you drink. For that to happen, you need to have high-quality coffee that is roasted to perfection. This way, you’ll be able to taste its natural flavours.

The problem is that most coffees are bitter and taste terrible, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe you deserve delicious coffee.

We used to drink regular coffee from the supermarket and we know how terrible it tastes. We understand if you didn’t enjoy it, because we didn’t enjoy it either! That’s why we source the best coffee from around the world and use the most advanced roasting technology so that you can enjoy your coffee and discover new flavours.

<h3class=”RoastersCard__Title-sc-1q1wt15-0 fHErBP”>19GRAMS

We first opened our doors in Friedrichshain in 2002 under the name Tres Cabezas. Back then, Specialty Coffee wasn’t a topic the locals really talked about. So our goal was to educate our customers as to the importance of Specialty Coffee, not only in the quality of the coffee they were drinking, but also in the lengthy supply chain, where knowledge and understanding of the product treacle all the way down to farming, processing and cultivation of the raw product.

We work with farmers from all over the world who use innovative and sustainable farming techniques to grow high quality, delicious coffees we know you will love.

In 2018 we rebranded the company to 19grams with a cafe in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and two in Mitte, where our new roastery and training lab is located, right in the heart of this great city.

Rich, sweet and clean is what we strive for with every batch of coffee roasted at 19grams. To start, this means sourcing the tastiest coffees we can get our hands on from all over the world. Either from producers who we have been working with for many years or from ethical importers who connect us with farmers who are producing beautiful coffees that we haven’t discovered yet.

Balance is an integral part and coffees with naturally high acidity (yes that’s natural in many beans) will be roasted and developed so the sweetness, acidity and body of the coffee is in perfect harmony.


Our roastery was founded in 2006 and is located in the middle of Munich. Our coffee is like our team and our guests: colourful and diverse, exciting and surprising.

In a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, we invite you to immerse yourself in the wide world of coffee. To this end, we have combined a roastery and a café under one roof, so that you can experience the creation of coffee from the raw bean to the finished drink on site.

The diversity that coffee has to offer is particularly important to us. It can be seen in the abundance of coffees from different countries of origin, in the large number of different roasts and in the wide range of preparation methods: from Ethiopia to Indonesia, from light to dark, from hand-brewed filter coffee to espresso from the espresso machine.

Our claim: Highest quality for every taste!


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