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German Roasters

German Roasters
22.09.2021 Elina Viiala




Welcome to explore our German Coffee roasters. 

We work in co-operation with top artisan roasters to bring you the most delicious, sustainable coffees out there. Here you can get to know the amazing roasters SLURP has to offer from Germany.



Hi, I’m Benjamin, the guy behind Benson Coffee.

Really good coffee is not a coincidence, it starts where the coffee grows. Our green coffees are purchased regardless of the stock market price in favour of the coffee farmers, in order to give them a necessary perspective and the appropriate appreciation.

When it comes to refining the coffee beans, the focus is always on flavour and aroma diversity. During the roasting process we make sure that the individual character of a coffee (its variety, its growing region and its processing) is reflected in the cup at the end.

With Benson Coffee I not only offer carefully selected speciality coffees. In recent years, I have successfully participated several times in national and international roasting championships. With my many years of experience as a coffee roaster, I also offer individual training courses on request for coffee roasters and people who want to become one.


For Black Hat Coffee, coffee is an equally highly specialised and individual product as a tailor-made suit and the roasting and preparation of the perfect coffee is comparable with the art of tailoring. Black Hat Coffee’s mission is to roast hand-picked coffee beans from small plantations for their customers in a way that allows the bouquet of aromas and nuances of taste to unfold in a unique and unforgettable composition and appeal to all their senses. The idea of the made-to-measure suit is reflected in the entire communication of the coffee brand: the new packaging even looks like bespoke suits from inside and outside.



We founders of DIE KAFFEEREI, Vicky and Lars, got to know each other in the young twenties in the Hamburg gastronomy scene. Anyone who has ever tied an apron on himself knows that hard work welds people together.

In our mid-twenties, we both started our own cafés, one after the other. Business was going well, but time is money and we didn’t see each other that often anymore. And without knowing it from each other, we were fascinated by coffee. Every free minute we spent tasting and studying different beans, taking courses and, during our holidays, persuading one or the other coffee farmer to take a guided tour.

But the more we learned about coffee, the more dissatisfied we became with the coffee we sold in our shops. As a coincidence, we both had the same idea – to roast our own coffee. And we both knew: good friends with the same values are hard to find. You might only find a real friend and business partner once in a lifetime. A short time later, DIE KAFFEEREI was founded. That was in September 2019.

Our aim is that you simply get good coffee. Good in taste, good for the soul and good for your conscience. That is why we only put speciality coffee in the drum roaster. Basically, our coffees are roasted light to medium to emphasize the complexity and aromas of the coffee. Our focus here is on chocolaty, nutty coffees.

We design our packaging, labels and also the shipping to be sustainable. Another special feature is our regional deposit system, with which we save a great deal of packaging waste together with our customers, thus protecting the environment. On average, we save around 1.8 kilograms of packaging material per customer per month.

As a young company, we take responsibility: with every kilo of coffee sold, we donate one percent of the turnover to social institutions in the region.



Our roasting philosophy is quite simple; Buy good products and using technique in roasting, bring out the best in your product, and then pay homage to the person that produced it.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Just buy quality, roast quality, and then say Thank you to anyone that helped you produce quality.

Fjord Coffee was born out of the discussions between Father Carpenter and Silo in Berlin, about a roastery that provided more than just a tangible product, it provided a support network.

In January 2016 we opened the doors to our roastery in Berlin’s East and began roasting on our Probat 12kg machine.

Since day one we have sought certain criteria in green coffees to ensure that the product that we provide is of our chosen quality level and that our brand maintains integrity at all times. This is the most important thing in life, to constantly work at defining and refining your character – both in business and life. With this knowledge we have always bought coffees that were clean and sweet, and more often than not bought the same coffees year after year.

With strong ties in El Salvador and Colombia we have a large rotation of exotic varieties and processes yearly, while seasonally buying our staples from Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya, and Brazil.

Over the years we have worked on our character, we have been and are constantly chipping away at mediocrity in search of excellence, and allowing our shared values and principles guide our decision making and approach to business.

Roasting specialty coffees is a relatively new thing in comparison to wine or beer or many other beverages, and us here at Fjord want to really be at the forefront of deliciousness and technique in roasting. It is not art, it is craft, and for there to be progress in craft one needs to focus on nuance and not novelty, engage in repetitive tasks and refine the techniques, and understand that it is a life journey of continuous improvement.



“A gscheids Haferl Kaffee?” is Bavarian and means “A good cup of coffee?” – Unfortunately the exception in Eastern Bavaria!

That’s why we have made it our mission to bring really good coffee to our homeland. We make sure to buy socially responsible and ecologically friendly green coffee, from which we then extract its aromas in our traditional drum-roasting process. Whether chocolatey, fruity, mild or strong, filter coffee or espresso – with us everyone will find the beans for “a gscheids Haferl Kaffee”!


For us, gangundgäbe is the self understanding of the good way to an exceptionally delicious cup of coffee.

With gangundgäbe roastery + café we form a place to preserve a standard of living that has to be earned continuously. Here all our experiences with other people gather in a wonderful microcosm together – and all this united in coffee. Our credo: Make something good out of good!

gangundgäbe is a small Munich coffee roasting company with a shop-café, where delight, aesthetics and sustainability meet. We try to live the careful handling of the natural product coffee in all areas. We are primarily concerned with transparent coffee trading, gentle roasting and preparation, as well as conscious enjoyment and tangible appreciation in all directions.

We source our carefully selected speciality coffees exclusively from direct trade. During processing we pay attention to a balanced ratio of lighter and darker roasts. Through different roasting profiles, we let the individual coffees show their full diversity to their best advantage. In this way, we create coffees with very different taste nuances. They range from chocolaty and nutty to fruity and floral.

Our green coffees come from Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala & Ethiopia. Together with our coffee importer colleagues, we purchase the organically grown coffees directly from the coffee farmer cooperatives through pre-financing. This enables the local farmers to receive a fairer price for the laboriously produced natural product in time.

gangundgäbe is loving life – is being thankful. And glad to be a host. The joy of brewing coffee. To have coffee in focus and as a constant. The direct relationship with producers and guests. Purchasing beans ecologically and fairly. To see the beauty in things. To feel life with jazz.

Thank you, dear friends of coffee, for sharing with us your life’s journey towards mankind and thus making the good life possible. We would be very happy if you would accompany us in this continuous process.



High-quality speciality coffees from our own roasting plant paired with in-depth know-how on all coffee-related topics and a relaxed atmosphere in which our guests feel at home – this is what Hoppenworth & Ploch stands for. We are a young coffee roasting company from Frankfurt am Main with three shops in West and Northrend as well as in the new Old Town.

Our goal in roasting is to make the best possible use of the tasty terroir of the highest quality green coffees from all over the world. In this way, we continue the dedicated work that has already been done in the value chain at the origin and bring the aromas of the most diverse coffee varieties into the cup.

When purchasing, we rely on established green coffee traders who offer our sought-after qualities and maintain direct contact with the farmers. We do not buy anonymous green coffees where it is impossible to see what is going on locally.


We are a small independent family coffee roasting company, located in Berlin. In 2016 we roasted our first coffee beans.

We are specialized mainly in the roasting of chocolaty coffee. This is also the principle on which we look for our green coffee beans. Thereby we create a balancing act between the “classic” coffee taste and the modern roasting methods.

Our beans are roasted at medium Temperatures from 10 min to 16 min (depending on bean requirements) and taken out just after the first crack. Every KAWA Coffee bean gets the treatment it deserves to end up pleasing with its taste. Unpretentiously honest!



Populus Coffee is a family-owned, independent specialty coffee company with strong roots in the Nordic and a home in Neukölln, Berlin. They roast and brew exceptional, exciting and experimental coffees from some of the best producers in the world.

Populus was founded in 2015 by a Finnish couple Sari and Henrik Haavisto. For us, Populus offers a possibility to work according to our own set of ethics, guidelines and philosophy in a trade we love and respect. Specialty coffee is all about relationships , collaboration and commitment for achieving quality as well as economic and ecological sustainability. Our job is to bring the right people together over coffee.

Populus thrives to establish a coffee supply chain that generates value to everyone involved in the process of making a seed to taste like a rainbow in your cup.



Hola! We are David, Ivan and Joshua and we believe that the cultivation, growth and production of outstanding coffees is a matter of giving and taking for all the people involved. It is from this awareness that we have developed our entrepreneurial attitude. We want economic success for us, our coffee farmers and the regions where our coffees come from. This means sustainability and fairness for us.

We share a common passion for coffee roasting and are committed to finding the best coffees in the world. It may sound rather simple, but it’s not. We only roast carefully selected Single Origins or country coffees, some of them directly from our home country Colombia and South America. We consciously use our Colombian origins, our deep understanding of the local people and the great privilege of an exchange at eye level in a very targeted way to get actively involved in social projects. With every pack of coffee you buy, you help us to do so.

Since coffee has always been the passion of the founders David and Ivan, they decided in 2017 to give up their previous careers in large corporations and start their own speciality coffee roasting business. The focus is on real specialities – from very small harvests, lovingly picked by hand.The espresso blends are composed of multi-faceted Arabica specialities and strong, full-bodied Robusta varieties. All coffees whose beans had enough time to mature – to be gently roasted by hand for all sorts of occasions. – Best wishes!


At Rozali Coffee, we know that you are the kind of person who loves every cup of coffee you drink. For that to happen, you need to have high-quality coffee that is roasted to perfection. This way, you’ll be able to taste its natural flavours.

The problem is that most coffees are bitter and taste terrible, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe you deserve delicious coffee.

We used to drink regular coffee from the supermarket and we know how terrible it tastes. We understand if you didn’t enjoy it, because we didn’t enjoy it either! That’s why we source the best coffee from around the world and use the most advanced roasting technology so that you can enjoy your coffee and discover new flavours.


JB Kaffee was founded by Johannes Bayer in 2010. In 2015 they co-founded the coffee shop Standl 20 located at the Elisabethmarkt in Munich, Germany. The company’s goal is to continue the work of their green coffee suppliers, producers, farmers and pickers by roasting their crops as well as possible for the customers.



We first opened our doors in Friedrichshain in 2002 under the name Tres Cabezas. Back then, Specialty Coffee wasn’t a topic the locals really talked about. So our goal was to educate our customers as to the importance of Specialty Coffee, not only in the quality of the coffee they were drinking, but also in the lengthy supply chain, where knowledge and understanding of the product treacle all the way down to farming, processing and cultivation of the raw product.

We work with farmers from all over the world who use innovative and sustainable farming techniques to grow high quality, delicious coffees we know you will love.

In 2018 we rebranded the company to 19grams with a cafe in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and two in Mitte, where our new roastery and training lab is located, right in the heart of this great city.

Rich, sweet and clean is what we strive for with every batch of coffee roasted at 19grams. To start, this means sourcing the tastiest coffees we can get our hands on from all over the world. Either from producers who we have been working with for many years or from ethical importers who connect us with farmers who are producing beautiful coffees that we haven’t discovered yet.

Balance is an integral part and coffees with naturally high acidity (yes that’s natural in many beans) will be roasted and developed so the sweetness, acidity and body of the coffee is in perfect harmony.


Machhörndl Kaffee is a speciality coffee roasting company in Nuremberg. In 2008 we stumbled into the scene with verve and since then we have been enthusiastic pioneers for premium coffees and light roasts in Germany. Of course, the focus of our attention is: The green coffee!

We know where it comes from. We invest a lot of time in the search for outstanding coffees which fully meet our requirements. In our drum we roast the harvests of the current season in highest quality.

Every coffee is different. Through the light roasts we preserve the character of the coffee and emphasize what makes it unique and a really great coffee.



How one perceives occasions in life makes a big difference: does one enjoy what one is doing at the moment, or does one pass the moment unnoticed, making it irrelevant. Is one alert and attentive or rather on autopilot. Viewed in this way, everything is at stake.

We want to fill life with passion. Coffee helps us with that. We take time roasting and preparing every drink to achieve the perfect coffee for. We take time serving our customers. We personally take time to taste, smell and enjoy our coffee. This is how we anchor moments of passion in our everyday lives. Great aromas slumber in each of our green coffees. We gently reveal each special character to the fore. This is our form of mindfulness. The enthusiasm and passion for the diverse taste nuances is reason for intently looking, smelling and tasting every detail. This is our core of vitality.

We truly want you to be part of this experience. We are a young roasting house, exactly 42 days old. (As of the moment we write these lines.) This is the beginning of an eventful story, and we are delighted!



Surf Shop Roastery is a sea & ocean inspired coffee roasting project dedicated to explore high-end modern coffee, as a product & a culture, create an experience rather than an act of consumption and share values with the vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

SURF SHOP ROASTERY was designed & launched in 2015 in Hamburg, one of the most ocean minded cities in all Germany. A town which is full of old Volkswagen vans rusted by salty air and heavy rains coming all year round, coldwater surfers anticipating weekend getaway more than probably anybody else on this planet and has Europe’s third largest container port with some 700.000 tons of green coffee imported every year.

Each season SURF SHOP ROASTERY issues a new coffee collection with a specific highlight on a process, a variety or an origin. Roasting style is shifted towards the brightest side of the spectrum. All coffees are roasted in small batches on a traditional Probat drum roaster. When new coffee arrives, a special set of experiments is conducted to develop a specific roasting profile. Roastery implements ideas of conscious sourcing & opt for the most adequate sustainable solutions possible for its operation.


Our roastery was founded in 2006 and is located in the middle of Munich. Our coffee is like our team and our guests: colourful and diverse, exciting and surprising.

In a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, we invite you to immerse yourself in the wide world of coffee. To this end, we have combined a roastery and a café under one roof, so that you can experience the creation of coffee from the raw bean to the finished drink on site.

The diversity that coffee has to offer is particularly important to us. It can be seen in the abundance of coffees from different countries of origin, in the large number of different roasts and in the wide range of preparation methods: from Ethiopia to Indonesia, from light to dark, from hand-brewed filter coffee to espresso from the espresso machine.

Our claim: Highest quality for every taste!



Wood Grouse Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee micro roastery in Hanover, Germany, where we share knowledge and equipment with our friends from Panama Coffee.

You can call us one of the first “Third Wave Coffee roasteries” in Hanover, based on what we understand as Third Wave Coffee. In addition to the high quality of the coffee, this means that the coffee beans can be transparently traced back to their origin and, at the same time, the trade supports the local farmers. For this reason, we are currently working mainly with the direct trade importer Nordic Approach and Quijote Kaffee.

We roast our coffees as dark as necessary and as bright as possible, with the aim to highlight what makes a coffee distinct and keep it free from roasted notes. We are roasting only high quality Arabica beans.

Read about the transparency report here.

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