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Cleaning the Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Cleaning the Coffee Maker with Vinegar
21.11.2019 Maria Ariyo

Have you ever spilt coffee or wine on your shirt, struggled with removing stains, or just wondered how to wash your clothes or dishes more environmentally friendly? The solution to everything is… ta-da, vinegar! A good way to use vinegar is to clean the coffee maker with vinegar! Read how below.

Vinegar is a natural acid, and it’s the acidity that makes it such a powerful, natural cleaner. However, this also means that you should avoid using vinegar on delicate fabrics or materials. It’s a perfect solution for cleaning a coffee maker though.

Cleaning the coffee maker with vinegar

When to Clean Your Coffee Maker?

You should clean your coffee maker with mild detergent (or at least rinse it with hot water) after every use, and use a proper vinegar solution once every couple of months. This will guarantee your coffee maintains its fresh taste. Cleaning your coffee maker with vinegar is only one of the many ways to clean your coffee maker.

Steps to Clean the Coffee Maker with Vinegar:

  1. Mix one part vinegar and one part water together — easy right, equal amounts.
  2. Fill the water tank of your coffee maker halfway through with the solution, and turn it on.
  3. Let the brew cycle go halfway through and turn the machine off.
  4. Now, we wait for 10 minutes and let the solution do its magic.
  5. After the break, turn the coffee maker on and finish the rest of the brew cycle.
  6. As vinegar is pretty strong and has a kick to it, it’s a good idea to brew a few rounds of plain water through your coffee maker before actually using it for coffee.
  7. Don’t forget to rinse the carafe and water chamber properly!

Easy, right? Vinegar is something many have automatically in their cupboard, no need to buy special cleaning liquids! And if you’re short on ideas on what to do with a bottle of vinegar while not cleaning your coffee maker, poached eggs are always delicious — and they go perfectly with a nicely brewed coffee cup on a Sunday morning 😁

How often do you clean your coffee maker and do you have some well-proven tips and tricks? Tell us below!

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