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Clever Dripper – brewing guide

Clever Dripper – brewing guide
10.05.2024 tildamaria.turunen

Clever Coffee Dripper – the SLURP office’s favourite!

Clever Coffee Dripper combines the best sides of both filter coffee and french press coffee. It makes brewing coffee unbelievably effortless.

Due to the (literally) clever design of a closing valve, the coffee will not drip before the Dripper is placed on a cup. You can brew the coffee longer just like with a french press pot and start the dripping by lifting the device on your coffee cup.

With the Clever Coffee Dripper you can easily and quickly brew coffee. Because of the longer brewing time, the recommended coarseness for the grind is the same as for a french press.


For one cup, you will need 10g of coarsely ground coffee, a kettle, a scale and a cup.

  • Rinse the filter paper and pour off the water
  • Add the ground coffee to the filter placed on the scale
  • Zero the scale and pour 150g of water into the filter
  • Place the lid on the filter
  • Allow to extract for 1-4 minutes (depending on the grind, the extraction time can also be 3-6 minutes)
  • When you place the filter on your cup, the coffee will automatically pour down to the cup! Easy and clever!

The Clever Coffee Dripper is available in a wide range of wonderful colours. Find yours!

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