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#236 Kirjalan Paahtimo: Louhi 2.0

#236 Kirjalan Paahtimo: Louhi 2.0
08.02.2024 tildamaria.turunen

Tropical fruit・Floral・Sweet

Louhi 2.0

Kirjalan Paahtimo

Roaster: Olli Siitari

Smallholder Tomas Ganamo is a dedicated and passionate coffee farmer who lives and farms in the picturesque Bombe district in Sidama. In 1991, Tomas inherited a six-hectare plot of land from his father, who had been cultivating teff and corn on the land. Inspired by his father’s legacy, Tomas decided to continue the family tradition of farming but also embarked on a new venture by introducing coffee to the farm in 2005.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo
Farm: Small Farmer Project
Farmer: Mr. Tomas Ganamo
Variety: Heirloom
Growing altitude: 2100-2200m
Process: Natural

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