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#115 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Hunky

#115 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Hunky
18.06.2019 Maria Ariyo

Red fruits · Chocolate · Smooth nuts

Holmen Hunky

Holmen Coffee

Roasted: 10/06/2019
Roaster: Junho Suzuki

Holmen Hunky is a sweet and smooth, dark, masculine coffee. The chocolaty almond flavours from Zambia are nicely mixed with the light, spicy and soft berry-notes from Uganda, from Mount Elgon National Park Area. Added to these two coffees, is a long ripened, especially fruity variety from Costa Rica, Tarrazu West Valley that adds hints of vanilla and red berries.

Altogether, these coffees create a truly hunky coffee, just as we wanted and worked on some time! A beautiful, lecker, masculine, smooth and round coffee! Let’s all enjoy!

Country: Zambia, Costa Rica, Uganda
Region: Zambia Muchinga, Kasama, Nakonde; Costa Rica Tarrazu; Uganda Mount Elgon
Farm: Small farmers in areas above
Farmer: Cooperative
Varieties: Zambia AAA Arabica washed, Costa Rica SHB La Pastora, Uganda Bugisu AA Arabica washed
Growing Altitude: Zambia 1350-1450m, Costa Rica 1500-1900m, Uganda 1300-2400m
Processing: See above


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