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#115 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Hacienda Sonora Red Catuai, Natural

#115 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Hacienda Sonora Red Catuai, Natural
18.06.2019 Maria Ariyo

Coffee Cherry · Blood orange · Caramel

Hacienda Sonora Red Catuai, Natural

Pirkanmaan Paahtimo

Roasted: 11/06/2019
Roaster: Tuomas Roschier

The Hacienda Sonora coffee farm in the central highlands of Costa Rica is owned by a father and son duo, Alberto and Diego Guardia. The farm is 100 hectares, with 65 hectares for coffee farming and 35 hectares of natural forest. The volcanic rich soil grows a variety of trees, the shade-trees for the coffee and crops. The soil is extremely well suited for farming.

The farm has more than 10 employees, but during harvest, the employee count can be up to 140 people. Hacienda Sonora also offers all the employees free housing. They recycle all the waste and generate their own electricity with hydropower.

The farm has specialized in the Black Honey and Natural processing. This coffee is of the Red Catuai variety and has the Natural process. The flavour combines the sun-dried coffee berry to a blood orange acidity.

Brewing tip: If you usually make your espresso 1:2, let this espresso be a little longer. This lightens the flavour, making it rounder. E.g. coffee 20g, ready drink ~50g, 25-30s brewing time.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Central Valley
Farm: Hacienda Sonora
Farmer: Alberto & Diego Guardia
Varieties: Red Catuai
Growing Altitude: 1300m
Processing: Natural


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