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#161 Paahtimo Papu Oy: Peru Decaf Gr.1

#161 Paahtimo Papu Oy: Peru Decaf Gr.1
23.03.2021 severi.sinkko


Peru Decaf Gr.1

Paahtimo Papu Oy

Roaster: Ristopekka Piirainen

This coffee has been processed with CO2 -process without harmful chemicals. The roast level is medium-dark, so it fits well to many brewing methods, and it is perfect for espresso-based drinks too. Caffeine content is 0,066% so it fits nicely to coffee lovers who are tender to caffeine.

This is a Fairtrade and organic coffee. We have just recently received also Fairtrade certificate.

Country: Peru
Region: Cafe Amazonas
Farm: Various farms
Varieties: Various
Growing Altitude: 1100–1700 m
Processing: CO2 Decaf


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