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#112 Kahwe: Kahwe Vaalea Espresso

#112 Kahwe: Kahwe Vaalea Espresso
07.05.2019 Maria Ariyo

Grapes · Acidity of apples · Peach

Kahwe Vaalea Espresso


Roasted: 01/05/2019
Roaster: Joel Marttala

Kahwe values are based on ethical production, sustainable development and freshness. We focus on available seasonal coffees without compromise on our values. I value and respect the farmer as a roaster and want all production to be ethical. I believe the farmer should receive fair compensation for their coffee. The farmer tells me the price of the coffee and I compare that to coffee quality. I believe in having transparency, communication and feedback between the farmer and the roaster. My goal is to build a long lasting relationship with the farmer and give feedback on each lot I buy so that the roaster has a chance to improve the coffee quality. Even if a harvest is of lower quality than before, I still buy it, as this gives the farmer a chance to improve the next harvest to the same level as before or even better.

Luis Collazos has been cultivating coffee with traditional methods for 25 years on the La Bermeo farm that he inherited from his parents. The farm is 9 hectares and has 6 hectares of coffee as well as tangerines, oranges and peaches. Luis’s oldest son Eimar also works on his father’s farm. The coffee is grown in the altitude of 1600m and is hand-picked and partially processed on site.

While roasting, I tried to emphasize the high acidity and fruitiness. The varieties in this area don’t have an extremely high acidity but are well balanced. The fruitiness of grapefruit, apple acidity and light peach softness make this a unique espresso. One can taste a hint of raisin in the after taste. This coffee is ethical, farmed with love and roasted with passion. These are the Kahwe values you can trust. Always.

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: La Vermeo
Farmer: Luis Collazos
Varieties: Castillo
Growing Altitude: 1600m
Processing: Washed


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