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#218 Cafetoria Roastery: Hilario

#218 Cafetoria Roastery: Hilario
31.05.2023 tildamaria.turunen

Golden berries・Apricot・Cacao nibs


Cafetoria roastery

Roaster: Ivan Ore

This exciting coffee is grown by Hilario Ccori from Cuzco. It is a light-medium roasted coffee, and we have found that this coffee tastes incredible as espresso or filter. In both methods, you will find a fruity cup of coffee with lively acidity. Cafetoria Roastery has met Hilario on their farm. The farm is located next to the Mapache river, deep inside a ravine. To reach his farm, you need to climb down 500 metres from a small village. The difficulty of accessing the farms in this region has helped preserve the natural coffee varieties of Typica and Bourbon, which are quite sensitive to leaf rust.

Country: Peru
Region: Cusco
Farm: Hilario
Farmer: Hilario Ccori
Variety: Typica/Bourbon
Growing altitude: 2000m
Process: Washed

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