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#195 Roger’s Coffee: Slurp Midnight Honduras

#195 Roger’s Coffee: Slurp Midnight Honduras
12.07.2022 Elina Viiala

Cacao・Caramel・Roasted almonds

Slurp Midnight Honduras

Roger’s Coffee

Roaster: Martins Kubulnieks

COMICOVEL’s members’ properties are located in the Opalaca mountain ranges across the Intibuca and Lempira Departments. The dry mountains are generally planted with pine trees. Planting trees is a special focus of the co-op, along with their water management project. Most producers have wooden hoppers for cherries with a concrete tank for fermentation. Coffee is fermented in the tanks for 18-24 hours and washed in washing channels. Most farmers dry their own coffee on concrete patios or sometimes also on raised beds in greenhouses for 14-20 days.

Country: Honduras
Region: Opalaca
Farm: COMICOVEL Members
Farmer: Various Smallholder Frams
Variety: Lempira
Growing altitude: 1500m
Process: Washed

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