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#174 Roger’s Coffee: Midnight Honduras

#174 Roger’s Coffee: Midnight Honduras
20.09.2021 severi.sinkko

Dark chocolate・ Bittersweet・ Nutty

Midnight Honduras

Roger’s Coffee

Roaster: Martins Kubulnieks

The COMICOVEL co-op was formed in 2016 and exported its first coffee in 2018. COMICOVEL exports with both Fairtrade and Organic certifications, which will earn producers premiums to continue the organic farming and ecosystem preservation that protects freshwater sources.

COMICOVEL’s members’ properties are located in the Opalaca mountain ranges across the Intibuca and Lempira Departments. The dry mountains are generally planted with pine trees. Planting trees is a special focus of the co-op, along with their water management project.

Country: Honduras
Region: Opalaca
Growing Altitude: 1400-1700m
Varieties: Lempira
Processing: Washed

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