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5 Ways to Elevate Your Morning

5 Ways to Elevate Your Morning
05.06.2019 Maria Ariyo

The alarm goes off, yaaaaaawn, you just want to snooze for a half an hour longer, or maybe just stay in bed for the whole day… Don’t worry, the morning can be the best time of the day! Do you already have a morning routine? We share our top 5 things to make your morning better!

It goes without saying that if you go to bed too late every evening and never get enough sleep, the day will be downhill. Choose your battle! A well slept night is the foundation for a good day. When you’re well rested, your morning will be better too. Once you find the secret to a good morning, make it a routine. Figure out what small habits are meaningful to you and make sure there’s space for them in your mornings. Consistency in waking up at the same time and doing the same little tasks keeps you going, and makes mornings better!

Morning, bed and book

1. Mornings Are Better When You’re Active

There’s no need to force yourself to the gym only to feel even more exhausted if you’re having a heavy, consuming week at work. Instead of feeling remorseful, walk to work in the morning or do a quick power walk around the block. How about doing a few stretches before getting up properly? Youtube is full of quick stretching and yoga videos. You will feel like a new person if you stretch a bit.

2. Make Time for a Good Breakfast

Mornings are guaranteed to be better if you don’t have to rush out the door right after waking up. It’s not great to start your day with having to gulp down a takeaway coffee while running for the bus. Leave 10 minutes each morning for a good cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast. Make sure you have time to sit down properly, and perhaps read the newspaper or listen to a podcast.

3. Skip Your Dose of Social Media

On average, we spend 2h 22 minutes on social media every day That is quite a bit! Have you monitored how much you use your phone? The minute you have to wait in line at the grocery store, wait for a friend, or just experience a minute of boredom, you might take out your phone without thinking about it. Try out a non-tech morning! Don’t check your messages, emails or social media notifications when you wake up. You will have time for this later.

4. Prepare Your To-Do List the Night Before

plan the night before
Your mornings will be better if you plan your day in advance. If you know your day will be really busy, don’t over-saturate your to-do list. Our self-discipline and willpower are limited, and that’s why it’s a good idea to start the workday with the “nasty tasks”. Just the same way, organize your day based on your energy levels. If you’re an early riser, get to the office a bit earlier than anyone else so you can rock your work tasks in peace.

5. Start the Morning with Something Different

We are creatures of habit and while routines are important, sometimes it’s equally important to break them and to try out something refreshing for a change. If you struggle to get into the work mode in the mornings, a way to make your morning better is to try a change in scenery. Go to a cafe for a few hours to work remotely, and get your emails and basic tasks done. Having a different environment is a great way for you to focus and make the morning better.

morning coffee and adventure

See, mornings can be better when you make time for a nice routine. You earn a beautiful start for the day, you’re a rock star! What’s your secret to waking up to a good morning? Share it with us!

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